Book One

The God Bound in Starlight, Book One: The Woven Road

Chapter I: The Festival

Wherein the Dramatis Personae and the World are introduced, resulting in conflict and flight.

Chapter II: The Siege of Oakendock

Wherein the port city of Oakendock is besieged by the Holy Priests of Belezu and the Dramatis Personae begin their journeys.

Chapter III: The Lurker in the Deep

Wherein the Journey runs afoul of a primordial beast long forgotten, now returned to plague the World.

Chapter IV: A Bid for Peace

Wherein the Dramatis Personae are brought before Lord Rorrin of the Cairn and history in unfurled.

Chapter V: The Library of Aeons

Wherein the Dramatis Personae learn of the Weavers.

Chapter VI: Red Sails Over Black Water

Wherein the Dramatis Personae are pursued across the Cairn Sea by the relentless Priests of Belezu.

Chapter VII: The Dragon Council

Wherein Tyrael, the Patient ventures into the West and into the Southern Spine to seek the Dragons’ aid.

Chapter VIII: The Wailing War

Wherein the remaining dramatis personae lay the defenses for the Holy Navy of Belezu, enlisting the Knights of the Fallen Veil and the Witchgard.

Chapter IX: The Body of Three

Chapter X: The Bronzefire Citadel

Book One

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