The Cosmology of Uert’al

The Gods of the Outer Dark, the Saele

There existed, in the beginning, the Saele who were the Gods of the Outer Dark. There was Uert and there was his brother, Modellius; there was Ceel and there was Cifel. Finally, there was both Phiel-Odonnis and Perennia. These Gods of the Outer Dark were shapeless and formless, immaterial and ethereal. In the black and vacant expanse of the void, Uert began to sing; He sang a lament of the darkness, and a ballad for something more, and in doing so he sang into creation all the universe.

Thus was made all matter in creation, including The World. The Saele, the Gods of the Outer Dark, descended into that world and took it in.

The Gods of the Inner World, the Unsae


The God Bound in Starlight AlfredR