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The God Bound in Starlight

A surreal fantasy epic wherein the characters find themselves caught in the inescapable grasp of mystery and revenge on the cosmic scale. What begins as a Springtime Festival praying for a bountiful and peaceful year blossoms into a world-spanning mystery as Gods come calling upon their children for answers; from there, it explodes into a strange and alien conflict amongst the creatures of the world and the Gods of their lives. The realm of Uert’al, a world of grimm fairy tales and living mythology, plays stage to this intriguing tale of love, war, murder, revenge, justice, honor, and corruption in which every set piece is itself a player – everything in Uert’al lives, and as the curtain begins to fall on this world’s Golden Age, all begin to succumb to the sway of the God Bound in Starlight. Can the heroes resist long enough to drive back the darkness?

Told in Three Books.

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