Things of Import

Edul, the galleon in the service of the Dramatis Personae, at the command of Lord Rorrin; like all Cairn vessels, named for one of the dead and lost in the Kadat catastrophe.

Glamdring, Tyrael the Patient’s first blade upon manifesting as a Mortal.

Glistelbade, ancient Aerie artifact from the First Era; given to Tyrael as a boon by Ingig in Kadat.

Moral Compass, the boon given to Vulo by Ingob in Kadat; an item that reveals weal or woe in the immediate future.

Traveling Cloak (Kadat, Service), the cloak given to Track as a boon by Lord Rorrin, King of Kadat; a protective cloak worn by those in the service of Kadat’s militia.

Things of Import

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